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Ioakimidis Estates Construction – Development – Architecture

Ioakimidis Estates group is an entity of construction companies, operating by the founder Vasilis Ioakimidis and his family members Aris and Amanda. With two different areas of operation, south suburb of Athens and the Cycladic island of Paros and twenty years of experience in the construction industry, we are proud for the consistence we show to our customers and the continues growing of our group, inside a highly competitive market. Ioakimidis Estates offer houses for sale in the island of Paros and Athens

In our main area of operation we have constructed and sell residences, vacation homes, and exclusive properties in the Cycladic island of Paros. Well known for are quality oriented constructions, we are one of the leading construction companies in Paros, having satisfied customers since 1998. Evolving through time and always adapt to the modern architectural trends we sell properties in Paros that are recognized, as one of the best constructions in the island. First introduced floor heating, in our vacations homes for sale, we were the first construction company, that was having small villas for sale in the Greek island Paros, builded in the quality of a permanent residence.

We offer  properties in Paros Greece, starting from low budget vacation homes for sale in Paros (see a property for sale in Paros), unique independent beach front villa for sale (see a beach front villa for sale in Paros), land for sale in selected places in Paros (see a land for sale in Paros) and some real estate investment opportunities in Paros (see real estate investment opportunity in Paros).

On the other hand Athens is our secondary area of operation. In the commercial building industry we have developed and either sell or rent properties that can be used for offices or commerce, depending on the property type. We have constructed and offer, investment properties in Greece (see an investment property), lands for sale and modern architecture Villas in different areas of Attika (see a modern architecture villa for sale).